Businesses across vertical markets invest in content-driven communication without knowing whether or not their audience is engaged in any way. The results of multi-channel, multi-phase campaigns are difficult to track and measure. This lack of visibility makes the improvement and iteration of efforts difficult, leading to wasted time and money.


Dashboard. A web analytics platform built to track all of your content, and record it. It provides real-time analytics for multi-phase, omni-channel campaigns & programs. Dashboard is integrated with single-sign-on for added security, and can be used in conjunction with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. It’s also completely customizable for each user, so no one user is given more information than is appropriate. Now you can track every document to every reader, whether that document was delivered in hard copy or E-publication. You will know when readers received the document, exactly what version they have, and in the case of E-publication, when the reader opened it and read it.

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