Dynamic Templating


When creating marketing or communication pieces, businesses have to hire graphic designers and rely on expensive templating systems. Graphic designers are expensive and inefficient. Existing templating systems are very expensive, difficult to use, and offer little by way of security or control. End users either can’t get software templates to work properly, or they have so much freedom that they destroy the integrity of the brand. Current solutions are not viable in today’s marketplace where audiences require a great deal of custom content in compressed time frames.


Dynamic Templating. A user-experience focused templating engine that requires no outside server, saves money, works as a comprehensive brand control tool, and provides proofs in real time. Offering a lower total cost of ownership and heightened brand control, Dynamic Templating features customized workflows and approval loops, which allow for the versatility that those in the field need, while automating brand protection, grammar control, and translation to over 20 languages.

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